Thin Casual



  • Best I've found yet

    Pros: they actually fit into some of my casual shoes (boots, loafers and actually one pair of ballet flats! but I had to tear out the original foot bed from the ballet shoe). I have a small foot (size 5.5) and it's nearly impossible to find shoes that I can fit an insole into but these are the most thin & narrow that I have found. I have PF and I'm young so I don't want to wear tennis shoes every day so these have at least given me some other options. Cons: the little holes actually irritate my foot/skin after several hours. I don't think those are needed. They are 'hard' but then it seems all insoles/arch supports are.

    Rita H
  • Great insoles

    Sole insoles were recommended to me by my physical therapist. I have narrow feet and high arches and I needed more support. I ordered both athletic for my running shoes and these thin insoles for my dress shoes. First thing I have to say in general is that these are great. My stability has really improved. The insoles for my sport shoes are great. The only complaint I have about the thin insoles is they are way too wide for womens' shoes. After much trimming, I got the insoles to fit my boots (although a bit too wide). I am not sure what will happen with my shoes this summer. So, I agree with the previous commenters -- great insoles but need to be constructed for a woman (or just have markings on how to trim to get the insoles to fit the shoes).

    Susan Richardson
  • Overall excellent, but...

    These are great and really helped my plantar fasciitis, but the cut is too wide for most ladies' shoes except athletic shoes and unisex sneakers. A narrower cut for ladies would be really appreciated!

    Ivy Tan